Pocket Blockbuster?

Cinematic film, no matter the screen size.

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Like a collaborative When Harry met Sally, Mitch and Will have been working together for years, before finally realising they should run their own company. Bonded by a mutual love for film, music and new technologies, this passion permeates through everything they do. Launched to the world in September 2017, Pocket Blockbuster embraces where film is going rather than where it's been, making the cinematic affordable. 

I’ve known many creatives working in London more than 20 years, but Will and Mitch are a whole new level. As soon as I saw them talking together, the sparks were flying! They joined an iguacu brainstorm and it was sheer magic! Such tremendous creative energy and a constant flow of brilliant ideas that were bang on brief, and they’re very connected to and have deep knowledge of the cutting edge creative and online worlds. We felt very fortunate to be working with them and wish them every success!
— Katherine Davies, CEO, Iguacu
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will NASH

I owe a lot to acting, which has taught me to be brave, sensitive and critically the importance of collaboration. These values are huge when making films, where taking risks, respecting others' input and understanding a narrative. The essence of all these things are integral to a successful film.


mitchell haRRIS

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved creating, whether it be through sound effects or composing for my trumpet - I love seeing a diverse set of things come together. Editing is the ultimate realisation of my creative strengths and helping others realise their vision is a great privilege.